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Dr. Kapil Khurana
Member of the European Society of Aesthetic DentistsCertified specialist of the Italian dental school of aesthetics Styleitaliano.
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Dear Friends!
By numerous requests I`ve decided to tell you in brief about myself .... I think  my patients have the right to know who their doctor is from the first source.

I was born in India, New Delhi on July 10, 1972. 1997 Finished BDS in 1997, MDS in 2001. For a long time I worked as a dentist  therapist and prosthodontist. Since 2013 I am engaged only in cosmetic dentistry i.e veneers (lumineers, direct composite veneers etc)

Further on my personal site I wud like to express my gratitude to my teachers who introduced me to the beautiful world of cosmetic dentistry. Professionals who taught me to gift “Smile” and “Self Esteem” to  people. After all, a smile is where the  communication starts and the first impression is formed.
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Dr. Noboru Takahashi DDS - University of Tokyo, Vice President of  Estellite. One of the best cosmetic dentists in the world. It was this wonderful  man who taught me the details of color in aesthetics. In  difficult cases I consult  with him and incredibly grateful that such a specialist shares with me his personal experience. In return, I am always glad to share this knowledge with my colleagues - the circle of kindness should carry on, this is my personal opinion.
Nargiz Schmidt D.D.S - practicing Prosthodontist, owner of the clinic"Smile In The City Dental Group" in the most prestigious part of Manhattan, on Park Avenue, New York.  A person who is engaged in a Hollywood smile. She has done more than 5000 cases of   lumineers. Nargis Schmidt was awarded  as the best dentist in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 in the "America's Top Dentist" rating, according to the Consumer's Research Council of America. Also in 2009 she was named "Woman of the Year". You can have no doubt that among her patients there are famous Hollywood and Russian stars (medical ethics does not allow me to disclose names). By the way, if you need advice of Nargis Schmidt or appointment in her clinic in New York, let me know))
Dear frnds! Glad to share with U that now I’m a member of ESCD. Pic with Antonio Olivo, Chairman ESCD Italia
Alina Lazar, Chairman ESCD Germany. Great doc with wonderful cases. Will cooperate with her in field of aligners.
Bite correction without braces
Teeth straightening
Quick installation from 2 visits
Change the color of the teeth on the desired
Elimination of chips, cracks on teeth
Closing of cracks
Changing the shape of the tooth. Selection of individual form of teeth
Not require special care
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Composite veneers are thin linings on teeth made of composite materials by layer-by-layer application. Their difference from conventional overlays is that veneers are made of composite material directly in the patient's mouth. Plates from the composite are also called direct veneers or therapeutic, as their production takes place in one visit.
The doctor applies a reflective composite material on the front surface of the tooth. In this area of the teeth, the veneer will last for a longer time, as in this place the teeth experience minimal pressure when eating.
On average, the price of one composite veneer 11 000 rubles.
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Componiers are the thinnest composite plates, which are attached to the surface of the tooth, thereby closing the existing defects-old fillings, chips, cracks, cracks, stains on enamel, even minor turns tooth. For each product they are selected by color, size, shape, with the surface the plates are perfectly polished and have a microrelief of a "natural tooth".
On average, the price for one companera 8 000 rubles.
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If the front teeth are chipped or cracked, or the color or shape is not too pleasing to its aesthetics, with these veneers can quickly correct the situation. Teeth with virtually no grind, they installed ceramic “pads”. If ordinary veneers are made by a technician, then in case of using DUO the doctor chooses and sets veneers by himself. Installation 1 such veneers it only takes 30 minutes (if you are not faced with the usual veneers, trust me - it is fantastic fast). In addition, DUO cost the patient much cheaper Lumineers, they are available to almost everyone.
What problems are solved with the help of veneers Duo?
Quick fix of crooked teeth (without braces).
Correction of large gaps between the teeth (tremes, diastema).
Elimination of chips, chipped, cracks and other defects.
Selection of the desired shade of tooth enamel.
The expansion of the zone of the smile.
On average, the price of one veneer DUO $ 400 per piece.
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